Friday, July 31, 2009

Cupcake Bouqets

New and only at Larry's Bakery: Custom Cupcake Bouquets
We can custom make these cupcake bouquets to match any theme or color scheme. Perfect for gifts, centerpieces and decorations. Each bouqet has six cupcakes and you can choose chocolate, vanilla or a combination of both.

These cupcake bouquets were made for Mother's Day with baby pink and lavender roses.

This is a bouquet we made with flowers and plastic butterfly decorations.

The base has matching butterfly paper and says "Happy Birthday"

This is our Princess cupcake bouquet: the base is decorated with pictures of the princesses and little tiaras. Each cupcake is topped with a light pink flower and crown shaped rings each with a princess on it.

This WILD bouquet was made for a jungle themed party. Cupcakes were topped with a Lion, Tiger, Giraffe, Zebra, Elephant, and Monkey Finger puppets. If you're thinking of having a jungle party, we can also make jungle animal photo cookies or hand decorated cookies.

This is a close up of a bouquet we made topped with red roses, perfect for Valentine's day or perhaps an anniversary.

Feelin' lucky? check out this Las Vegas themed bouquet we made for a Vegas Lover's Birthday.

We custom make all our bouquets, so we can decorate the bases to match almost any theme. This is one of the Hello Kitty Designs we have.

This base is decorated with one of our generic birthday decorations.

All bouquets come in this specially designed box with a plastic window for easy transport.

If you want a custom cupcake bouquet that we don't already make,
give us a call early at 422-0059 and we can try to design something for you!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Need to raise money for your non-profit club, group or organization? Give us a call!

Items available for fundraising as shown in picture:

Orange chiffon cake, lilikoi loaf, chocolate loaf, pineapple macadamia nut loaf, soft cottage bread, chocolate brownie (4 pack), and cinnamon bread.

  • - Minimum order is 100 per day (for any combination of fundraising items) and maximum is 300 items per day.

  • - We suggest that you call to reserve the date of your fundraiser as soon as possible and ask that orders be placed at least two weeks in advance.

  • - All items must be paid in full by the date of pickup.

  • - Complete orders must be picked up at Larry’s Bakery and distributed to your customers at your own location. Unfortunately, we are unable to deliver or accept individual customer pickups .

  • - Give us a call for prices or to place an order.

Saturday, January 24, 2009


In addition to our cookies, and various holiday items, we also make cakes.  We make all different sizes from small to large in a variety of flavors.
One of our most popular cakes is our White Chantilly.  It is a white chiffon cake with a chantilly filling and frosting. We sprinkle the edges with macadamia nuts and top it of with a whipped cream rosette and cherry.
Our Chocolate Chantilly cake is a chocolate chiffon cake filled and frosted with chantilly frosting.  The edges are sprinkled with macadamia nuts and topped with a cherry.
Our Dobash Cake is a chocolate chantilly cake filled and frosted with chocolate dobash frosting and topped with a cherry.
Our Dream Cake is a chocolate chiffon cake filled and frosted with whipped cream and then covered in milk chocolate curls.
Our Guava cake is a white chiffon cake filled with a layer of whipped cream, then guava.  Then its frosted with whipped cream and topped with more guava and whipped cream rosettes.
Our Lilikoi Cake is a white chiffon cake filled with whipped cream and lilikoi.  It's then frosted in whipped cream, topped with more lilikoi and whipped cream rosettes and sprinkled with almonds.

Also, not pictured:
-Haupia Cake = White chiffon cake filled and frosted with haupia frosting, sprinkled with coconut flakes and topped with a cherry.

All of the above cakes need to be refrigerated but we do also make a few non-refrigerated cakes:
We have either chocolate or butter cakes that can be frosted with either buttercream or fudge frosting.

Our refrigerated cakes are sold at all Don Quijote stores in the 4x8 bar size and 8x8 cake size.  We also usually have 8x8 Dobash, Chocolate and White Chantilly cakes for sale at our store. 

If you need bigger sizes, you can make an order at least 3 days in advance.
1/4 Sheet cakes serve about 24 pieces
1/2 sheet cakes serve about 48 pieces
Full sheet cakes serve about 96 pieces

Call for more info or to place an order (422-0059) and keep checking back for new posts!  Valentine's day is less than a month are posted on the left, but more info about our products to come!